Charlie Hudson, Personal Tax

You are absolutely amazing thank you!!!! You’ve answered all the jumbling questions I had in my head in plain & simple English

Steve Pipe, Author of ‘The World’s Most Inspiring Accountants’

Pillow May are a team of working mums who are blazing a trail, setting new standards and making a real difference.

Elaine Coward, ECM Electrical

It has been a delight to be able to talk through issues with the girls at Pillow May, they are always willing to listen.

Anne Sheekey, Attic Tea

Having spent many years baffled by my previous accountants’ questions and answers, working with Pillow May has been a total breath of fresh air.

Ross Layton, Software Developer

Amazing support from the team at Pillow May. They are extremely knowledgeable and hardworking, we’d be lost without them

Robin Warren, Corrello

Working with Pillow May has given me the confidence to handle my accounts correctly. They have already more than paid for themselves.