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Guides and FAQs

Xero guide: Corporation Tax

The first key thing to remember is to ensure everything is completed for the month that you are making the Corporation Tax provision for. Here is a checklist to look over before making the provision: 1. End ...

Guide for employers: Xero Me and payroll

It is your responsibility as an employer to provide your employees with their payslips each month.  Currently there is no automatic system for this in Xero; your staff are not notified when their current pay...

FreeAgent Guide – How to calculate VAT on fuel

FreeAgent is packed full of great features. Did you know that it can also calculate the VAT you can reclaim on your mileage for you? Just remember to provide the correct vehicle information when entering you...

Guide to employee holiday accruals

Holiday management can be a real headache, particularly when it crosses over with other forms of leave, such as sick leave or parental leave.  A record should be kept of each employee’s leave and most of our...

Guide for Contractors: HMRC Temporary Workplace Rules

Contractors travelling to and from a client’s site must comply with HMRC’s temporary workplace rules if they wish to claim travel and subsistence expenses against their taxable profits. In general if travel ...