At Pillow May we understand that day to day life is never simple so to make life a little easier we offer individuals and business owners a comprehensive personal tax service which you can tailor to your requirements.

You can opt for as much or as little as you need by deciding on one of our fixed fee packages (Sole Trader, small Sole Trader or Individual) and then using our bolt on services to create your bespoke tax package. You always have the flexibility to increase or decrease your level of service if your circumstances change.

Here are a few reasons why we could make a great team:

  • We understand that every tax return is unique so whether your situation is simple or complicated we will ensure things run smoothly
  • We work seamlessly with your other professionals (such as your solicitor and your financial advisor) to provide all-round advice
  • Our Tax Advisers have over 25 years experience
  • We pride ourselves on offering the personal touch, all our clients benefit from unlimited tax advice and support whenever its needed