Trusted partners

On this page we list some of the suppliers we use for our business. Some are our clients, some may not be.

However, we feel that all are worthy of a mention!

Inspire is the trading name for the Wessex Chambers of Commerce, a not for profit organisation representing businesses of every size across every sector of the local economy.

Our mission is to inspire, motivate, inform and support businesses throughout their life cycle, from conception through start up, to growing enterprises and right up to our large corporate success stories.


Web hosting and Development – responsible for this website.

Creative Sweet

Specialising in graphic design, responsible for the design theme of this website

Digita Software

Supply us with our accounting software. They’ve got a wide range of products which we use extensively.

Martin Le Poidevin

Web programmer – responsible for this website. Also a voice coach and respected classical singer.

Matthew Burman

Matthew Burman; Independent Financial Adviser and partner at Positive Solutions, offering expert financial advice to both companies and individuals.

Paul Purnell Associates

Paul helps small and medium sized businesses to strengthen their business and improve results. He uses various techniques to gain a thorough understanding of the ‘what and why’ of current business performance and helps to plan some effective improvement action.

Receipt Bank

Receipt processing company that converts those annoying receipts and invoices into electronic data, so you no longer have to hold paper copies.

All Things Web Ltd

SEO Marketing & Web Optimisation Services; advising Pillow May on this website

Timely Smart Booking Software

Effortless appointment scheduling
Timely saves you time and money while helping grow your business.