Ruth Garrad

School John Bentley School, Calne
Qualifications AAT level 3, currently studying for level 4
Previous roles Finance Officer, Payables Team Leader, Accounts Assistant
mostly Local Authority Roles
Current Role Accounts Administrator (Pillow May)
Personal Situation Married with 2 children

Personal Details

Favourite colour Blue
Favourite animal Rabbit
Favourite food Chocolate
Favourite footwear Boots or flip flops depending on the weather
Favourite music Depending on the mood, 80’s, Anastasia, Shakira, Peter Gabriel, more recent Katie Perry, Lilly Allen and James Blunt.
Favourite country France
Favourite car Toyota Avensis
Favourite motorbike Ducati Monster
Favourite sport Cycling, swimming
Favourite book Recently the ‘True Blood’ series
Favourite shop Amazon or Ebay
Favourite pastime Reading


The Lottery

If I won the lottery We would move somewhere warmer!