57 Ways to Grow Your Business, by Pillow May

Free copy to all clients on request

Pillow May 57 Ways to Grow your business Press

We appreciate that when you are running  a business your time is your most precious commodity and you cannot sit down and read a book cover to cover. You want valuable advice but in bite size chunks; no management jargon –  just practical actions. Bright ideas in plain English that will help your business grow.

57 Ways to Grow Your Business reflects Pillow May’s user friendly business approach by offering simple yet effective advice, that doesn’t just look good in the book – it really works! This book isn’t designed  to be displayed on your coffee table – we want you to use it; scribble on it; highlight it; turn the corners down; dip in and out of it whenever you have a moment; but most importantly take on the ideas 1 or 2 at a time……..and then come back to it again and again.