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Is it time you started using a CRM system?

crmAs your business and client list grows, it becomes more and more difficult to maintain a personal relationship with each and every one of them, whilst remembering every detail.

Moving to a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system allows you to automate and centralise all of these details in one place, ensuring you maintain that close relationship which each of your valued clients.

As much as a spreadsheet will store all the details for you, it is very one dimensional and can quickly become out of date. A CRM allows you to store significant amounts of information on each client, link to other software programs such as your accounting package and email campaign software and automate all your communications including follow up to meetings, leads, phone calls etc.

How you follow up with clients or prospects can make or break your business.

The more information you can acquire and use, the better your follow up will be as you will be able to personalise each response in a timely manner. Being able to harvest the information you hold into your communications will elevate your business. The right CRM system will not only make this possible, but it could even automate the process for you so that you have more time for strategy and development.

As your CRM connects to other back-office applications, it will join up processes and remove double handling of tasks and data entry; allowing you and your staff to manage time more effectively.

The system prompts users to follow up on activities and sends automated alerts to ensure important actions occur. Shared diaries, team calendars and service schedules give everyone clear visibility of individual activities.

Deciding on a new system can be daunting. To ensure you have the right system, it is critical to define what your requirements are at the beginning and to take into consideration future developments.

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